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Production and Sandbox Endpoints

Banken mTLS URLs:


The Account Information API gives you access to account data for accounts within the PSD2 scope, belonging to customers of ICA Banken. Account data access requires consent from the customer. The API includes the following main features: retrieve a list of available accounts , retrieve balances and transaction details for a given account.

Business Information

Business Owner : robust [robust@ica.se]

Technical Owner : robust [robust@ica.se]


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Authorization : Bearer
Name Summary
Register Certificate Production Functional description - Register Certificate Production. Describes how to register production client, update certificate, client details and perform production oAuth code flow. Download
Functional description Functional Description Production.Describe production environment including authorization & how to use Account APIs Download
How it works Instructions on how to get started with Accounts API. Download
Download client-side SDKs for this API.