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Production and Sandbox Endpoints

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The Payments initiation API gives you the possibility to help ICA Banken customer to initiate payments from ICA Banken accounts through your application or service, allowing the customer to: transfer money to any Swedish account, transfer money between ICA Banken accounts, initiate Bankgiro and Plusgiro payments, initiate International payments, Payments also include endpoint for Funds Confirmation, which can be used for checking whether a specific requested amount is available on a given payment account. Returns true or false to indicate if funds are available.

Business Information

Business Owner : robust [robust@ica.se]

Technical Owner : robust [robust@ica.se]


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How it works Instructions on how to get started with Payments API. Download
Register Certificate Production Functional description - Register Certificate Production. Describes how to register production client, update certificate, client details and perform production oAuth code flow. Download
Functional description Functional Description Production.Describe production environment including authorization & how to use Payments APIs Download
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